About Me

My name is Saiful Islam and I’m a Software Engineer.

Over the last 5 years, I have developed a wide range of websites and apps using WordPress, Laravel, Angular JS, Cordova, Lumen and so on. My core competency with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, C#, C , Python & Bash. I have strong knowledge about hosting, DNS, *nix server setup, Mail server setup, Version Control & Application Security. I love developing high quality, interactive web application.

 I love Automation and Creative Design.

Frameworks & CMS I use:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Laravel
  4. Lumen
  5. Bootstrap
  6. Angular JS
  7. Apache Cordova
  8. Ionic
  9. Node.js
  10. NW.JS
  11. MyBB , PunBB , PhpBB, NodeBB